Alex Diez de Sollano

I liked photography since my childhood but it was difficult for me to begin my career as a photographer because of lack of money. So the first thing I did was to look for a job. I found one and worked there for a year. It was like a waiter job which any young person would like to do. It wasn’t good or bad thing to do, however I was doing just fine, not only economically but on the professional front as well. Within two months of entering the restaurant I got two promotions, and when I thought I was ready to begin my career as a photographer something went wrong and I had to move out of state. I went to Cancun where my brother-in-law was working as an assistant with a well known photographer GASTON SEGUEZ. From Gaston I learned basic techniques of photography like controlling the shutter speed. I realized that to meet my daily needs and to support my passion for photography, I have to work, so I again started working as a waiter. While working as a waiter, I used to practice photography. When I thought I was ready and was confident enough of my photography skills, I moved to Aruba. In Aruba I used to work with a well known chain of restaurants clicking photos for various parties and celebration. I used to make handsome money from all these activities. Later, my first wife, Conosco, asked me to give up the restaurant job. So, I decided, to devote more time to photography and started taking tourist pictures as souvenir photos. I used to visit tourist places every day, taking pictures and improving my skills every day. Many people noticed the pictures I used to capture and they were quite amazed with those. They asked if I was ready for a photoshoot, my response was since I am not having good equipments with me, I want to further study the complexities of photography. So I decided to attend all the big seminars related to photography and even today I am improving myself along with Jerry ghionis from the last image captured.

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